SPIT IT OUT is a funny and poignant portrait of Jeff Shames' successful efforts to come to terms with his stutter and his family's legacy of denial. Jeff's father is intolerant of and rageful towards his son's imperfections, while his mother never discusses her own childhood stutter. As a teenager, Jeff turns to alcohol and drugs to mask his shame, and eventually marries an alcoholic who interacts with the outside world for him. After his wife gets sober, Jeff discovers the stuttering self-help community and embarks on a healing journey of sobriety, self-acceptance and forgiveness. (55 minutes, color, 2004)


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Winter, 2007

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Directed by: Jonathan Skurnik
Produced and written by: Jeff Shames and Jonathan Skurnik
Conceived and Developed by: Jeff Shames

Camera: Jonathan Skurnik
Ingrid Patteta

Consulting Editor: Fernanda Rossi
Composer: James Harding
Co Producers: Kathy Leichter and Elisa DeCarlo

Universities, schools and non-profits can order the film from New Day Films (888) 367-9154

Individuals can order the film (for home viewing only) by emailing Jeff Shames at jefsha@aol.com

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