Mint Leaf Productions was founded by Kathy Leichter and Jonathan Skurnik in 1997 to make and distribute films of conscience and to help emerging filmmakers learn and grow.

A DAY'S WORK, A DAY'S PAY follows three welfare recipients in New York City from 1997 to 2000 as they participate in the largest welfare-to-work program in the nation. It was broadcast nationwide on PBS throughout 2002...more




SPIT IT OUT is a funny and poignant portrait of Jeff Shames's successful efforts to come to terms with his stutter and his family's legacy of denial. The film follows Jeff's inspiring journey of self-acceptance towards his stutter as he creates a supportive community for himself, renews his relationship with his wife, and lives a life of joy and service...more



THE ELEVATOR OPERATOR is a meditation on the simultaneous power and futility of hope. Eugene Sheiman runs a manual elevator in a New York City office building, trapped in his six by six foot cage. We discover that Eugene, a Ukrainian Immigrant, was a journalist in Kiev and has published a novel in Russian. Now that he’s an American citizen, The Elevator Operator reveals his big dream.more




The Workfare Media Initiative (WMI) is a group of filmmakers, activists, and organizers of diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds who believe that social issue media can be used by communities to educate, raise awareness, and increase public participation in the political process for social change.

WMI Media Organizers facilitate community screenings and discussions of the film, A DAY’S WORK, A DAY’S PAY, using it to explore emotions and inspire action amongst diverse audiences which include: youth, university students, welfare rights and other community based organizations, unions, communities of faith, policymakers, and others....more



PASSING ON is a portrait of the director’s grandmother, Elsa Leichter, a ninety-one year old Jewish woman who shares with us her wise and witty perspectives on life, love, survival and loss. A self-described “second-chancer,” Elsa lived over thirty years in Vienna before fleeing to the United States during World War II....more